[jdev] winpopup like sending from multiple programs but one account simultaneously?

Pedro Melo melo at co.sapo.pt
Sat Aug 26 06:16:18 CDT 2006


On 2006/08/25, at 18:29, Hal Rottenberg wrote:

> On 8/24/06, Christian Hammers <ch at westend.com> wrote:
>> This account does not need to be visibly online or receive any  
>> answers
>> I just want to (mis)use Jabber to replace the old Samba+Winpopup
>> solution.
>> (Of course I could implement it like a single threaded printer- 
>> spooler
>> but maybe there already is a Jabber way of accomplishing it...)
> Everyone elas has answered your question but I just wanted to point
> out that this is very much *NOT* a mis-use of Jabber.  Jabber is not
> just IM by any means.  Read JDEV, and S-JIG, you'll see all sorts of
> non-IM use cases tossed around.  Chess and Whiteboarding are some
> current topics on S-JIG for example.

Totally agree, but I always had my doubts of how well this would work  
in reality.

For ex:
  - I use my JID to log-on with Psi for IM;
  - two or more scripts I wrote are already logged on with my own  
account doing some automated actions over XMPP. They use negative  

If I log-of, the other resources will still make me "online". Also,  
there is no capability I can advertise that would mean "Not For Chat"- 

This bots want to be online, because the services they are  
interacting with want to react to their presence, but they shouldn't  
be representations of my personal IM status.

What I do now is use a different account for them, but it seems wrong.

> XMPP would serve very well as a messaging backbone for all of Nagios
> for that matter.

eheh :)

That was a project at a place I used to work.

I always add the dream of seeing a MUC chatroom with all the  
mailservers of a SMTP-cluster chatting and exchanging IP's of known  
spam sources that would get blocked with IP tables. Image entering  
such a room and saying: "all, block x.y.z.w"

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