[jdev] Re: help needed to implement a P2P Chat Client

Ravi ravikapoor101 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 16:28:23 CDT 2006

> Are you sure you will save something? Creating the jingle session with
> someone is a little expensive for the XMPP stream, there are definitely
> more stanzas that one or two messages sent. And you have to keep the
> session opened trough NATs, you will be using STUNs of the servers,
> which is more load on them..
> I think there will not be much gain in doing the chat P2P. I guess it
> will be easier for you, and probably cheaper, to buy more servers and
> have more domains or some cluster of them, than writing this.

Yes I agree, the concept is unproven. There is a trade off between high 
initial session start cost vs. no cost during session. I will consider 
your suggestion. Maybe we will start with non P2P and as the load goes 
up and we understand the usage statistics, we can considering 
incorporating P2P in next version of client.

> Well, connection is not the right word maybe. You need to take care of
> all resends and flow controls and everything from userspace, which is
> error-prone. I do not know, if it is already in libjingle (well, I heard
> something like that will be in next version), but I really do not trust
> it can possibly work as well as in-kernel TCP stack.

I was more considering using TCP (port 80) rather than UDP to avoid all 
these issues you mentioned. I am certainly not going to write networking 
stack just for a chat client.

I have an idea of what I am up against. As well as little surprised that 
nobody tried P2P for chat. I will reconsider my options.

Thanks for help

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