[jdev] Announcement: jabberworld.org webchat

Bernhard Zwischenbrugger bz at datenkueche.com
Tue Aug 29 08:03:19 CDT 2006


> > http://jabberworld.org
> >   
> I tried it briefly and works.

Good to know.

> > Easy to install
> >   
> So easy that I couln't resist the temptation to include it in YawsPack :)
> http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/yawspack
> On the install process, did you mention those steps?
>  - edit its index.html and set in jabberServer the Jabber server name
>  - Also edit its proxy.php and set in $url the correct URL for your 
> HTTP-bind component.

I included an INSTALL file with this information now.

> > Design adaptable through client side XSLT
> > Simple backend to send/receive stanzas
> > Tested using Firefox 1.5
> >   
> If you want to create a full compatibility list, it does not work on:
> Opera 9.01 Linux
> Konqueror 3.5.4

I want to make it work in Internet Explorer first. ie 7.0 maybe already
works if they included getElementsByTagNameNS and createElementNS.
(maybe somebody can test that)
A workaround for ie6.0 is possible and I will do that soon.

Opera has some problems with xpath, I hope they fix it.

No idea if Konqueror and Safari will be supported, it depends on xslt,
xpath, namespaces support of these browsers.

> > For more details see website
> >   
> What's the license? On the website it says CC-BY-NC, on the TODO list it 
> says 'maybe I try CreativeCommons', and finally, the download does not 
> include any LICENSE, COPYING, README, or AUTHORS indicating license, 
> copyright, authors... Don't you consider your software is worth it? ;)

I added some information to jabberworld.tar.gz .

> Offtopic: Did you configure mod_muc_log to use my.css stylesheet? That 
> file is not available, and the chatroom logs look... unstyled.

Where can I find an example css?

Bernhard Zwischenbrugger

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