[jdev] jabberd2 2.1 Release

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Sun Dec 3 07:40:29 CST 2006

Dnia 03-12-2006, nie o godzinie 14:28 +0100, Remko Tronçon napisał(a):

> Sure, but using the same name as the project you fork is not really a
> good idea IMHO. Either officially take over the project and close down
> all old project pages, or baptise it with a different name (and mark
> the old project as dead or so).

That's not a good solution either.
Reading jadmin list you see, that there are people having problems with
2.0sXX series, that I've fixed long time ago.
If I change the name (had thought of it), then the answer for them is:
- you need to switch to XXX
- but I don't want to swich, I like jabberd2
- but It's really a jabberd2 server, but under different name
- oh, how confusing...

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