[jdev] XEP-0070 use case: OpenID

Norman Rasmussen norman at rasmussen.co.za
Sun Dec 3 14:42:49 CST 2006

For those interested, I've created an OpenID [1] provider [2] that
uses XEP-0070 for authentication.

It's still alpha quality, but it enables you to login to any OpenID
consumer website using your XMPP client. (eg: [3], [4], [5])

I am running a copy at http://openid.xmpp.za.net/ (using
openid at zelus.informationlogistics.co.za as the backend JID).  The
gmail connection is flaky so it probably won't work for gmail

[1] http://www.openid.net/
[2] http://openid.xmpp.za.net/
[3] http://www.lifewiki.net/openid/OpenIDConsumers
[4] http://del.icio.us/tag/openidconsumer
[5] http://www.openidenabled.com/resources/openid-test/diagnose-server/

- Norman Rasmussen
 - Email: norman at rasmussen.co.za
 - Home page: http://norman.rasmussen.co.za/

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