[jdev] Re: List of active XMPP projects

Manuzhai mail at manuzhai.nl
Tue Dec 5 06:26:49 CST 2006

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> IMHO there are plenty of great places to host code -- SF, Google Code,
> Savannah, etc. I don't particularly see a strong need for us to have one
> that is Jabber-specific, but if people really really want that, then we
> could do that at code.jabber.org or somesuch with SVN and Trac. But if
> you want it then don't just say you want it, volunteer to help. :-)

I have experience with Subversion and Trac (I've even done some Trac 
development, and I closely track both projects' development), and I'm 
willing to put in some man-hours to set something like that up.

But, I don't really have the bandwidth to do it at my server... So, if 
there is existing infra that I can get access to, I can do something.



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