[jdev] Re: List of active XMPP projects

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Wed Dec 6 11:48:39 CST 2006

Peter Saint-Andre schreef:
> Remko Tronçon wrote:
>>> I'm still more than a little sceptical of the need/benefit for this.
>>> There are plenty of decent places to host project (sf, google etc),
>> I was just composing the same message. Who really wants this ? And
>> with what motivation ? It seems there are better ways to spend
>> resources and time of people for the community.
> I tend to agree. Let particular projects figure out their own hosting
> needs and find appropriate solutions. Some might host their own, others
> might use a service. I don't particularly want to run a specialized code
> hosting service at jabber.org or anywhere else because it's just more
> for me to monitor at some level (even if someone else takes care of it
> all, as Ralph does with planet.jabber.org, eventually complaints bubble
> up to me if there is a problem), and I'm lazy. :-) And I tend to dislike
> centralization anyway...

Note, that in the initial message of this thread, I was proposing a 
consensus solution:
* no hosting service at jabber.org
* central listing service with next interesting (IMO) features:
** centralised
** only active projects
** easier to see which projects are inactive (and are thus an 
opportunity for new contributors!)
** a clean, plain and simple list is sufficient

So, projects can choose their hosting service, but still they can be 
listed on a central list of *active* XMPP projects.

Use cases:
* "What XMPP software should I use?"-->"I prefer this and that project, 
and a full list is available at: http://ActiveProjectsList"
* "I want to write my own XMPP software. Where should I 
start?"-->"Contribute to an active project, see 
http://ActiveProjectsList or take over maintainorship of one of these 
inactive projects: http://InActiveProjectsList"
* "Which active projects support XMPP?"
* "What is the XMPP community?"-->"See the whole xmpp.org website 
including the page of active XMPP projects."
* "Is it worth to implement XMPP support? Are there any other projects 
that my software will become compatible with?"

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

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