[jdev] Release Candidate 1 of jabberd14 1.6.0 is available

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Sun Dec 10 16:55:10 CST 2006

I want to announce, that I just made available the first release
candidate of jabberd14 version 1.6.0.

The software is available for download at

New features and changes visible to the user
    * Support for Privacy Lists (RFC3921 and XEP-0016)
    * jabberd14 can localize the messages it sends to users to different
    * SASL authentication is possible if jabberd14 is used together with
      jadc2s (at least the following mechanisms should be supported:
    * Support for Flexible Offline Message Retrieval (XEP-0013)
    * Support for XMPP Ping (XEP-0199)
    * jabberd14 now handles XML namespaces
    * jabberd14 now handles xml:lang attributes defined on the stream
      root element, declaring the default language of the stream. If a
      stanza does not redeclare the language, this language is passed
      along with the stanza.
    * The full stanza that requests subscription to a user is passed
      to this user, even if it has been stored offline. In addition the
      request is stamped if the time of the request, if it is delivered
      from offline storage.
    * FIX: Handling of presences with negative priority had bugs, e.g.
      messages were not delivered when changing from negative to
      non-negative priority.

Changes in administration of the server
    * Easier integration of jabberd14 into web projects, by having
      additional data available in the database (e.g. presence
      information can now be read by a web page with a single SQL SELECT
    * New base handler base_dir that can periodically check a directory
      for *.stanza files. These files are read, parsed, the content is
      processed as a stanza, and the file is deleted afterwards. This
      can be useful to inject messages and other stanzas to the server.
      Stanzas sent to the handler are written as files using the *.out
      extension. The directories for reading and writing are configured
      using the <in/> and <out/> elements inside the <dir/> element.
    * jabberd14 does not cache passwords in the session manager anymore,
      you can now just update passwords in SQL and they are used
      instantly. You can also just insert a password in your SQL
      database to create a new account for a user.
    * It is possible to block account names from being registered and
      to enforce minimum and maximum lengths of the username on
      registration of new accounts
    * After an account has been deleted by the user, the JabberID is
      blocked against reregistrations for half a year.
    * jabberd14 can now easily migrate from old filespools (xdb_file) to
      newer storage handlers by reconfiguring the server and then
      importing the old data (-I command line option)
    * The session manager of jabberd14 can no be restarted without users
      sessions being dropped. This allows reconfiguring of the session
      manager while it is serving users.
    * Jabberd14 now understands the protocol between c2s and session
      manager components of jabberd2. This allows development and usage
      of c2s components for both server implementations.
    * Settings in the dialback component configuration for disabling
      xmpp streams or disabling tls now also affect subdomains of the
      configured host. It is now also possible to require s2s
      connections to some or all other hosts to be encrypted.
    * Jabberd14 now supports SASL EXTERNAL authentication using TLS
      certificates on s2s links.
    * xdb_sql can be configured to execute an SQL query just after a
      connection to the database server has been established or
      This is useful for example if you are using MySQL 4.1+ and want to
      set your used charset ("SET NAMES utf8").
    * jabberd14 now uses libpopt for command line parsing.
    * jabberd14 now detects stale pidfiles, and ignores them.
    * The list of online users has to be fetched using service discovery
      instead of browsing now.
    * Removed support for the jabber:iq:admin namespace.
    * Disabled support for the jabber:iq:agent and jabber:iq:agents in
      the default configuration file.
    * Removed support for the jabber:iq:filter namespace (which had
      already been disabled in the default configuration of jabberd14
    * Removed the mod_groups module.
    * jabberd14 automatically generates the list of supported features
      for a reply to a service discovery request. There is no need
      anymore to configure a disco result in the configuration file.

3dc614f3732f90990b2089bf7bd06938  jabberd14-1.6.0-RC1.tar.gz

d32cecc34a90a7bcaf8b11bc33ef6e68c5d47fb0  jabberd14-1.6.0-RC1.tar.gz

Matthias Wimmer      Fon +49-700 77 00 77 70
Züricher Str. 243    Fax +49-89 95 89 91 56
81476 München        http://ma.tthias.eu/

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