[jdev] XEP-0004 and <message> and <iq>

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Mon Dec 11 07:17:56 CST 2006

> i'm trying to send dataforms, encapsulated in a <message>. none of the
> clients (spark 2.0.4, kopete 0.9.0, psi 0.10, Coccinella 0.95.15) i've
> tested seems to work, although the XEP do indicate that this should be
> possible.

I can only speak for Psi, but you are correct, we do not support forms
encapsulated in a message, although the XEP specifies it should be

> i've also encapsulated the dataform in an IQ. of the clients i've tested
> only Coccinella returned a "feature-not-implemented" error. no
> indication of error/success from any of the other clients.

Again, correct. Psi 0.10 did not respond to unknown queries, although
it has to according to the specifications. This will be fixed in 0.11.
However, Psi still does not support IQ queries with data form requests

> the idea with the above is to develop a general poll/questionnaire type
> service.

It sounds like the right way to do this. We haven't implemented
responding to generic form requests (either in the IQ way or in
messages) yet, because nobody needed it.


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