[jdev] xmpp server connectivity testing tool

Norman Rasmussen norman at rasmussen.co.za
Mon Dec 11 09:36:09 CST 2006

Does anyone know of a testing tool that can check various connectivity
settings on a server?

I'm thinking check:
  - legacy c2s SSL
  - c2s, with STARTLS upgrade
  - c2s without STARTTLS
 - s2s dial-back,
  - automatically check 'sub-domains' discovered via disco can be
accessed correctly - i.e. check ssl certs include subdomains via
wildcards, or differentiated certs.  (obviously s2s needs to work

I'm thinking something like the OpenID test harness [1], where the
server admin can supply his domain root, and the web-interface will go
off and connect using various methods, and return a valid/invalid
checklist to the admin.

[1] openidenabled.com/resources/openid-test/diagnose-server/

- Norman Rasmussen
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