[jdev] xmpp server connectivity testing tool

Stephen Pendleton spendleton at movsoftware.com
Mon Dec 11 12:51:01 CST 2006

I write a simple one here that tests some basic features:

When I mean "basic" I mean it only tests the following:
 1) Does the server return "version = '1.0'" in their <stream:stream>
 2) Does the server offer the <stream:features> stanza?
 3) Does the server offer SASL as a authentication mechanism?

Suprisingly many servers fail even these simple tests. It doesn't cover all
the features you list below though. You can have the source if you are
interested, but it is in C#/.NET and uses a proprietary third-party toolkit
for the XMPP functionality.

A more complete test harness would be most welcome. Maybe one of the server
projects have an internal test harness that they can offer up?

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Does anyone know of a testing tool that can check various connectivity
settings on a server?

I'm thinking check:
  - legacy c2s SSL
  - c2s, with STARTLS upgrade
  - c2s without STARTTLS
 - s2s dial-back,
  - automatically check 'sub-domains' discovered via disco can be accessed
correctly - i.e. check ssl certs include subdomains via wildcards, or
differentiated certs.  (obviously s2s needs to work

I'm thinking something like the OpenID test harness [1], where the server
admin can supply his domain root, and the web-interface will go off and
connect using various methods, and return a valid/invalid checklist to the

[1] openidenabled.com/resources/openid-test/diagnose-server/

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