[jdev] xmpp server connectivity testing tool

JD Conley jd.conley at coversant.net
Mon Dec 11 13:15:41 CST 2006

> A more complete test harness would be most welcome. Maybe one of the
> server
> projects have an internal test harness that they can offer up?

If I remember correctly you were using our toolkit, which is now
available as OSS [1]. We (Coversant) are working with the JSF to release
just such a test suite on a web site. To date it has been a matter of
resources (it'll take a decent bit of work to make our tests not so
SoapBox-specific and run on a web site), but we have thousands of tests
around XMPP and the most common XEPs. If someone is interested in
working on the project give me a buzz. The implementation would be in
ASP.NET / C# and run under MS.NET or Mono.


[1] http://developers.coversant.net

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