[jdev] Question on XMPP URIs?

Cedric Hyppolite cedric.hyppolite at free.fr
Fri Dec 15 05:29:27 CST 2006


This page from the Java doc gives an short non java related  
introduction on URI


  A hierarchical URI is subject to further parsing according to the  


where the characters :, /, ?, and # stand for themselves. The scheme- 
specific part of a hierarchical URI consists of the characters  
between the scheme and fragment components.

The authority component of a hierarchical URI is, if specified,  
either server-based or registry-based. A server-based authority  
parses according to the familiar syntax

-End quote-

The RFC for URI is:


Le 15 déc. 06 à 12:08, Ishan De Silva a écrit :

> Hi,
> Generally a URI is of the form "scheme://authority/path". For  
> example http://www.example.com/index.html
> A JID is of the form node at domain/resource. If we have a JID  
> guest at example.com/Home, according to RFC 4622, the XMPP URI take  
> the form xmpp://guest@example.com/Home.
> Is there a way that we can map an XMPP URI to the general URI  
> format where we don't have the "node@" component? I mean can we  
> have xmpp://example.com/node/Home?
> Which part of an XMPP URI is analogous to the "path" of a generic  
> URI? Is it both "node" and "resource" or "resource" only?
> Thanks,
> Ishan.

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