[jdev] Re: Question on XMPP URIs?

Norman Rasmussen norman at rasmussen.co.za
Sat Dec 16 03:19:32 CST 2006

On 12/16/06, Magnus Henoch <mange at freemail.hu> wrote:
> Upholding the difference between xmpp:foo at example.org and
> xmpp://foo@example.org is a battle that we can win, as long as we as a
> community are determined not to let it slip.

Actually it's very simple.  As long as client authors do-it-right
(xmpp uri parsing), then no-one will ever be able to create an
invalid/mis-use-able xmpp uri.

The only reason that html parsing is as terrible as it is, is because
certain browsers *cough* insist on rending invalid pages.  If the
browser out there gave big warnings in large red letters that pages
were invalid, then the pages would be fixed pretty quickly.

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