[jdev] Loudmouth 1.1.5 (unstable)

Mikael Hallendal micke at imendio.com
Sat Dec 23 12:36:35 CST 2006

Loudmouth 1.1.5 (unstable) released

What is Loudmouth
Loudmouth is a small C library for writing Jabber clients written using
GLib. It's designed to be extensible while maintaining ease of use.

Changes in 1.1.5
* Fixed leak when closing a connection, LM-59
* Escape the resource string (fixes problems with iChat contacts), LM-48
* Stale incoming source destroyed/unreffed, LM-60
* Fixed a leak in the synchronous layer, LM-66
* Fixed a couple of warning when building on 64 bit alpha, LM-41.

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