[jdev] Jabber newbie developing client - need advice

Tan Meng Yu caojie at pd.jaring.my
Tue Dec 26 19:47:57 CST 2006


I'm developing a Jabber client in VB.NET for a school project and could
use a little advice.

I need to implement the following functions:

* register a new account
* login/out
* add/delete users from the roster and list all online users
* sending + recieving messages
* talking to other IM services using transports

I'd prefer to avoid using any libraries since it may not be allowed (I
need to confirm this).

I've already read the Jabber Client Developer's cheat sheet, the Jabber
Programmer's Guide and most of the protocol documentation, but I still
feel very clueless. What really daunts me is handling all the XML, and i
don't have experience working with sockets before.

1. Roughly how complex of a project is this? I have about 9 weeks to work
with. Any advice/warnings/suggestions for a newbie? Or am I just biting
off more than I can chew?

2. Can anyone recommend a good XML parser to use with .NET?

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