[jdev] Jabber newbie developing client - need advice

Tan Meng Yu caojie at pd.jaring.my
Thu Dec 28 08:03:46 CST 2006

Thanks for the replies, both of you. Sadly, we're required to do a
complete system (not just adding functionality to an existing one). My
classmates are working on file encrypting applications, AI games, one guy
is doing a voice command input system...

> Check that before you start anything.  The free agsXMPP library sounds
> like something that could jump start you into the project.

I'll look into that.

> > 2. Can anyone recommend a good XML parser to use with .NET?
> Generally XMPP likes both types of parsers in the puzzel: a SAX parser
> to get at the stanza's easily, and a DOM parser to convert the XML
> stanza into object form. (okay auth nodes, etc are not called stanza's
> but I'm ignoring that for now).  .NET's XML parsers support both of
> these types.  XmlReader and XmlDocument if-i-remember-correctly.

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