Jingle news (was: Re: [jdev] Video Streaming over jabber)

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Thu Jun 1 09:38:26 CDT 2006

Op woensdag 31 mei 2006 19:28, schreef Alasdair North:
> > > It would help the Jabber community the most if you would find an
> > > existing Jabber client that you like, and add video to it; as opposed
> > > to creating a new video-chat client from scratch.


> code it as an add on for Google's C++ libjingle library. I'm working on a
> Java implentation of Jingle, but it's in the very early stages and I'm only
> really looking at audio at this stage.

If you want to test JEP-0166 and JEP-0179 compliancy with other clients, you 
can try Coccinella cvs since 100 minutes:

It just still lacks your patches to extend it with Jingle video support B-)

/me really needs to buy a microphone this year :o)

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