[jdev] Video Streaming over jabber

Mats Bengtsson matben at privat.utfors.se
Fri Jun 2 07:59:49 CDT 2006

Sorry for jumping into this subject so late.

One kind of video streaming already exists in the Coccinella's whiteboard using QuickTime.
Works on MacOSX and Windows. It is part of the (primitive) whiteboard protocol which
allows essentially anything to be imported and shared in a whiteboard.
If one user opens a movie that QuickTime is capable to import, it sends a http link
(as part of a whiteboard item) where the other user can obtain it, which then just
gets the movie (streaming over http) into its own whiteboard. The user can start playing
before the download has completed (fast start). It is using http so it can't do anything about

It is also possible to just enter a url where a streaming (TV) is found and the two users
watch the same video (or audio) stream.

This is perhaps not what you wanted, but it shows some of the flexibility with a generic
and general whiteboard.

I know, the protocol sucks and I really should move towards SVG. 


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