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Hey all.

I have support some Jingle  used to p2p voice of smack , I think free sorce
code to jivesoftware.org


On 6/3/06, Jean-Louis Seguineau <jean-louis.seguineau at laposte.net> wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> do you mean to say that the actual movie has to be sitting on some
> intermediate server where you fetch it through the URL? Or is the
> streaming
> ultimately taking place between two Coccinella clients in p2p?
> Jean-Louis
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> Sorry for jumping into this subject so late.
> One kind of video streaming already exists in the Coccinella's whiteboard
> using QuickTime.
> Works on MacOSX and Windows. It is part of the (primitive) whiteboard
> protocol which
> allows essentially anything to be imported and shared in a whiteboard.
> If one user opens a movie that QuickTime is capable to import, it sends a
> http link
> (as part of a whiteboard item) where the other user can obtain it, which
> then just
> gets the movie (streaming over http) into its own whiteboard. The user can
> start playing
> before the download has completed (fast start). It is using http so it
> can't
> do anything about
> NATs/firewalls.
> It is also possible to just enter a url where a streaming (TV) is found
> and
> the two users
> watch the same video (or audio) stream.
> This is perhaps not what you wanted, but it shows some of the flexibility
> with a generic
> and general whiteboard.
> I know, the protocol sucks and I really should move towards SVG.
> /Mats
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