[jdev] Re: Pubsub notification problem

Gaston Dombiak gaston at jivesoftware.com
Fri Jun 9 12:04:43 CDT 2006

Hey Emmanuel,

How is your node configured? What's the subscription configuration of those 
users that are not getting notifications? I just created a node, subscribed 
a few users, published an item (with payload) and subscribers received the 
corresponding notifications. It would also be of help if you can provide us 
the XML stanzas sent by each user to 1) created the node, 2) configure it, 
3) subscribe and 5) publish items. With that information I should be able to 
reproduce what you are seeing.

BTW, there is a specialized Wildfire support forum where you can post any 
Wildfire question. http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/forumindex.jspa


  -- Gato

"Emmanuel Nars" <nars at lri.fr> wrote in message 
news:AC3537FE-EF27-4C45-A8F4-D2C4DC9FE6A3 at lri.fr...
Hi all,

I have a problem to use pubsub feature.
I have no problem to create a pubsub node, to subscribe to it or to
publish an item.
However, users who have subscribed to this node don't reveice
notification of published message.

As exemple, when a publish this message :
<iq from='papytest1 at icirca.lri.fr/ibook' id='BA11D67A-059C-4E24-
B14C-28395AC397C7' to='pubsub.icirca.lri.fr' type='set'>
<pubsub xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub'>
<publish node='/generic/test5' jid='papytest1 at icirca.lri.fr/ibook' >
<item id='F9B4FCA4-2A1F-4855-9967-B2DF243A7535'>

The wildfire jabber server sends:
<iq type="result" id="BA11D67A-059C-4E24-B14C-28395AC397C7"
from="pubsub.icirca.lri.fr" to="papytest1 at icirca.lri.fr/ibook"/>

But the users who have subscribed to the node /generic/test5 doesn't
recieve any notificaion.
Do you have any idée ?


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