[jdev] jabber aliases?

Igor Goryachev igor at goryachev.org
Mon Jun 19 05:23:43 CDT 2006

On 19 Jun 2006, Igor Goryachev wrote:

>>> I have several domains and want to implement something similar to
>>> mail-like aliases (not virtual hosts) in jabber? Is it possible at
>>> all?
>> It would be quite possible to implement, but I'm not familiar with a
>> server which offers this functionality out of the box.  Then again
>> this is jdev, so the first answer is probably the one you want.  Yes,
>> it can be done. :-)
> I want to implement this routine myself (I'm having a hacking fun
> mainly with ejabberd) and would like to hear suggestions of any sort
> about how this feature should be implemented.

Well, it primarily means that the user should have several equitable
jabber-accounts on each domain with one roster, vCARD, offline storage
spool and other things. The service should be with s2s enabled.

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