[jdev] jabber aliases?

Igor Goryachev igor at goryachev.org
Mon Jun 19 07:23:39 CDT 2006

On 19 Jun 2006, Tony Finch wrote:

>> I have several domains and want to implement something similar to
>> mail-like aliases (not virtual hosts) in jabber? Is it possible at
>> all?
> Forwarding is difficult in Jabber because it is closed-loop whereas
> email is open-loop.

Could you please explain this moment a bit wider? It might be important
for me.

> Consider what happens if I send a presence subscription request to an
> alias JID, and get a response from the real JID. Will my client behave
> sensibly?

Well, I suppose you will just have a dead JID in your roster (with
subscription "none") in addition to the real JID.

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