[jdev] Bouillon 2 project

Stephen Pendleton spendleton at movsoftware.com
Wed Jun 21 09:11:16 CDT 2006

This is extremely impressive! Is it possible to set up such a system where a
user would be able to use their XMPP ID's from other domains to edit? For
example, is it possible that fred at jabber.org could use the Bouillon
component on foo.org even though jabber.org isn't running the Bouillon
component? I am assuming since you are using an external component and <iq>
stanzas as the basis for this the answer would be "yes".

The reason I ask is because I like to think of an XMPP ID as a universal ID
which could be used to authenticate on many systems. One thing I don't like
about the web today is that site A requires a seperate authentication
account from site B.

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Yesterday I've launched first public Bouillon server. It is relevant  
to Jabber because it uses XMPP as a transport, it also uses rosters  
as a material for building social network (in plain words, in reuses  
existing IM contact social network). Bouillon functionality  
intersects with Jabber whiteboarding and Jabber wiki initiatives.  
Current Bouillon connects to a Jabber server as an external  
component. Client side is implemented in AJAX.

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