[jdev] Bouillon 2 project

Victor Grishchenko gritzko at plotinka.ru
Wed Jun 21 09:54:43 CDT 2006

Consider a situation. Bouillon components of user A scans user A's  
roster and
finds "fred at jabber.org". Current behavior is to ping fred at oc- 
co.jabber.org to
establish Bouillon conversation. So, this must be a component in the  
state of things.

Theoretically, a user may somehow run Bouillon engine at his PC using  
connection to a Jabber server; this is easy to implement. But this  
may cause
problems at unprepared Jabber server because Bouillon sends bursts of
<iq>s often. Popular public server like jabber.org may simply die  
under such
load (if many users will use client-side Bouillon).

It is also important that Bouillon shifts all the connection  
handling/ traffic/
connectivity problems to a Jabber server. It is not mission of  
Bouillon to do
all that.
How will you implement that all traffic for "oc-co.jabber.org" have  
to be
directed to "anywhere.org" ?

So, the correct way is to have account at a server which has Bouillon  

Indirectly, your account will be "reused", cause your messages will  
to different servers without you logging in there. But directly this  
is resource
allocation/administrative policy/anything else kind of a problem, so  
you have
to login at your server :)

On 21.06.2006, at 20:11, Stephen Pendleton wrote:

> This is extremely impressive! Is it possible to set up such a  
> system where a
> user would be able to use their XMPP ID's from other domains to  
> edit? For
> example, is it possible that fred at jabber.org could use the Bouillon
> component on foo.org even though jabber.org isn't running the Bouillon
> component? I am assuming since you are using an external component  
> and <iq>
> stanzas as the basis for this the answer would be "yes".

The answer is "yes, but".

> The reason I ask is because I like to think of an XMPP ID as a  
> universal ID
> which could be used to authenticate on many systems. One thing I  
> don't like
> about the web today is that site A requires a seperate authentication
> account from site B.


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