[jdev] Bouillon 2 project

Victor Grishchenko gritzko at plotinka.ru
Wed Jun 21 22:41:48 CDT 2006

On 22.06.2006, at 7:48, Hal Rottenberg wrote:
> Someone much more creative than I will have to explain this to me.  I
> logged in, I looked at the manual.  I don't quite "get it".  Can you
> give me a more concrete example of how this might be used instead of a
> wiki?

Just use it as a wiki. Addressing scheme is pretty much analogous,
http://your.server/page/Page_Name. The difference is that Bouillon
is one-wiki-for-all. I.e. your friend will see the same content at
http://his.server/page/Page_Name. And friend-of-a-friend will see
it too. Beyond two steps, propagation depends more on evaluations,
but humankind is believed to have radius of 6 steps, pretty compact.
I'll write it down in more detail today at


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