[jdev] XMPP Ping/Keepalive: Recommended method ?

ennova2005-jabber at yahoo.com ennova2005-jabber at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 22 19:47:38 CDT 2006

Even with an empty presence payload like <presence /> ?

p.s  Answering below quoted text  is similarly annoying for people with mobile email clients where only the first X bytes are retrieved by default ;-)

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ennova2005-jabber at yahoo.com wrote:
> Assuming (for legacy reasons), the only injection point available in
> the code for this uni-directional "keepalive" is a message or
> presence packet, how "bad" is it to send a <presence /> to the server
> (vs. say a jabber:iq:version or jabber:iq:time) ?

- From user's point of view: I remember a friend writing a bot some time
ago and sending presence every 10 minutes. The result was a popup in my
client, every 10 minutes.

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