[jdev] Entity Capabilities for JEP-0085

Jon Perlow perlow at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 00:35:49 CDT 2006

In JEP-0085 (Chat State Notifications) section 4.1, it says

In the absence of explicit negotiation of a one-to-one chat session between
a User and Contact (e.g., as specified in Chat Session Negotiation
or explicit discovery by the User of the Contact's capabilities (e.g., as
gained through Service Discovery
or Entity Capabilities
the following business rules apply to the use of chat state notifications in
the context of one-to-one chat sessions:

Is there a specific service discovery feature that a client can check
through service discovery and entity capabilites to see if the other client
supports the chat state feature? This way, a client could send typing
notifications before the other side has responded if it knows it support the
feature. I didn't see any such feature specified in the JEP.

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