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Michael Frank msfrank at syntaxjockey.com
Thu Jun 29 23:47:23 CDT 2006

hello all-

The O'Reilly Open Source Convention is fast approaching, July 24-28 to
be exact.  It's great to see that Peter St Andre is speaking about
jabber in a session!  With jabber obviously on people's minds at OSCON,
would there be sufficient interest to set up a BOF meeting?  It is
possible to organize a BOF through the OSCON event organizers, but my
secret agenda is to support a close friend of mine who recently opened a
cafe in portland about 15 blocks away from the convention center (site
of the OSCON).  He is quite interested in hosting a meeting.  The
disadvantage is the need to move off-site, but the advantage is very
high-quality espresso.  There is wifi connectivity, and there should be
a projector available as well (we are in the process of building one).



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