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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Mar 1 17:49:51 CST 2006

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Trejkaz wrote:
> Gary Burd wrote:
>> A couple of snips from the conversation:
>>> For hosting providers it's usually an up-sell to your
>>> customers to add security
>>> because it's each domain owner's responsibility to
>>> manage their own certificate.
>> Extra cost and responsiblity can impede XMPP adoption.
> Look, if people don't want TLS, we're not forcing them to use it. 

Well, but we want people to use TLS. If it's too difficult, then we'll
have a less secure network. And that seems like a Bad Thing even if it's
not our fault.

> There are other ways to streamline these things, such as making it
> easier for people running an XMPP server to get a certificate.
> As far as "cost", http://www.cacert.org/ -- use it, love it, urge
> everyone to add their root certificate.

Yes, CAcert is great and I've been working with them to get support for
id-on-xmppAddr into their certs. But that doesn't necessarily make it
easier for people who are hosting a *lot* of XMPP domains to support TLS.


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