[jdev] Unable to delete the user

chen yee tan tanc08 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 2 10:53:27 CST 2006

  I am using smack 2.1.0 Client API to connect to jabber.org (ejabberd).
  Below is the function to delete the user:
  public void deleteUser()
   XMPPConnection.DEBUG_ENABLED = true;
     XMPPConnection l_xmmpConnection = null;
        PrintLog("Delete user.");

      l_xmmpConnection = new XMPPConnection("noneworkstation", 5222);
      l_xmmpConnection.addPacketListener(this, new PacketTypeFilter(Message.class));
        l_xmmpConnection.login("tancy", "tancy");
        AccountManager l_accountManager = l_xmmpConnection.getAccountManager();
        PrintLog("User is deleted.");
   catch (Exception ex)
      PrintLog("Exception in deleteUser: " + ex.toString());
  After I ran, I got: 

E:\Jabber\API\Smack 2.1.0\code>java -classpath ../smack.jar;../smackx.jar;./ Test 
[01:23:39 AM] Delete user. 
[01:23:53 AM] Exception in deleteUser: No response from server.: 

  I tried to run above function several times. Sometimes with above exception, the
  user is deleted.
  How come ? Is it a bug in ejabberd or I did wrong in the code ?
  Your help is really appreciated.
  Thanks !

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