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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Mar 7 15:35:05 CST 2006

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Justin Karneges wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 March 2006 12:05, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>> Canditates for storing the JID are: userID id-on-xmppAddr
>> RFC 3920 is clear on this. I would say that userID is not a candidate
>> (although RFC 3920 does not prohibit that, since it says only that the
>> JID MUST be stored as an otherName in the subjectAltName, IMHO it is not
>> a good idea to store the same information in two places).
> Currently, everyone puts the domain of a server in the commonName.  And this 
> is also consistent with RFC 3920's recommendation of using the HTTP methods 
> to verify if a certificate in a c2s/s2s connection is valid.  Thus, it should 
> be quite acceptable to put the value in three fields: commonName, dNSName, 
> and xmppAddr otherName.
> We should probably not put nodes into the commonName and dNSName fields.  
> These fields should only be used if your JID is domain-only.  However, it is 
> not clear if this is forbidden (maybe something to note in 3920bis?).

It's not forbidden and I don't think it should be.

> As I think about this some more, it seems to me that in a Jabberized world, 
> the only field we'd care about is xmppAddr.  dNSName and commonName are 
> really only there for compatibility with existing CAs and restrictive TLS 
> implementations.


> As I think about this even /more/, I wonder if we should allow fallback of 
> JIDs with nodes into the rfc822Name field.  

Remember that an rfc822Name is not UTF-8, so beware of i18n problems.

> This may help with 
> similarly-restrictive S/MIME implementations, as well as CAs.  I agree that 
> putting the same information in two places is not a great idea, but there 
> seems to be a standard practice of already doing it with domains, so I think 
> it is worth considering for jid->email.

Sure, it's analogous to using CN for domains. I don't have strong
objections to the practice, but it is suboptimal in the sense that
id-on-xmppAddr is preferred.


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