[jdev] web presence

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Mar 9 19:54:42 CST 2006

> Anyway, I see two ways to do web presence:
> 1) a bot which has no direct interaction with a server aside from normal C2S.
> Benefits: can use with any jabber server, no changes required on server
> Drawbacks: requires user to authorize the bot, possible scaling
> issues, especially if you hit karma limits (it takes many minutes for
> Edgar to login and get the presence straight after a script restart)
> 2) a component or other built-in method which connects directly to a server
> Benefits: better integration, scales with server
> Drawbacks: requires server changes, only works with the server where
> you install the component

3) a component that works in the similar way to your option 1 where you 
add the component to your roster in order to authorise it to expose your 
presence on the web, this is how I have been doing it, shouldnt be any 
real scaling issues that other components wouldnt face. This way you get 
the benefits of your option 2 without the drawbacks.


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