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Mon Mar 13 11:13:19 CST 2006

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Trejkaz wrote:
> On Monday 13 March 2006 00:13, Jesus Cea wrote:
>> I agree :).
>> I've thinking for ages about a central service registration for
>> services. That is, that services available via XMPP can self-register in
>> a "well known" service. And that service could provide search features
>> for mere humans to locate available services.
>> Let say, you are looking for a XMPP horoscope or translator bot...
> Or better yet, let's say you want to find a Jabber user but you don't know 
> what server they're on.  Hit this central service, it searches every service 
> it knows about until it finds the user. :-)

Why not just let Google and other search engines spider the Internet for
xmpp: addresses so we don't have to run such a service? Now, if someone
wants to run a service like that it's great, but I'm not sure it needs
to be centralized.


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