[jdev] Re: Strange requests in JEP-0065 proxy

Magnus Henoch mange at freemail.hu
Fri Mar 24 17:41:17 CST 2006

Magnus Henoch <mange at freemail.hu> writes:

> In the JEP-0065 proxy at proxy.jabber.cd.chalmers.se, we often receive
> CONNECT requests to the address
> "ed6f9a539fd86ceb66a5290fcde4b55e32082dd2".  The requests come from
> completely different IP addresses all over the world, so it's unlikely
> that the JIDs and SIDs of these clients would become the same hash.
> The requests are denied, since there are already two connections to
> that "address" - but where do they come from?

Some more research tells me that these requests come from Gajim 0.10,
and that the address above is the SHA-1 hash of "NoneNoneNone", as
Gajim just checks that a SOCKS5 server is listening after it has
queried a proxy.

JID: legoscia at jabber.cd.chalmers.se

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