[jdev] SamePlace 0.2.9+0.3.0prealpha

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Mon Mar 27 08:43:38 CST 2006

Norman Rasmussen schrieb:
> A 'cool' feature here would be that each client can use their own
> conference server to connect to (i.e. lluna uses the lluna chat
> server, and sametime uses the sametime chat server).  Then it would be
> neat to 'link' the lluna and the sametime chat servers together (very
> much IRC servers are linked together).

There is no such thing as a LLuna server. Currently we are hosting most 
chat channels for LLuna, because Web sites do not care and we wnat that 
it works everywhere. But when there are many users, then Web sites will 
care and they will host there chats on their own servers. Also there 
will be more total traffic and we will not be able to provide the 
default chat server for all Web sites. Hopefully default channels will 
then be hosted by volunteers.

My proposal to link SamePlace and LLuna is that we agree on the way how 
Virtual Presence clients get the chat channel address from the document 
URL. The proposal is documented in the JEP. This proposal is open to 
other chat protocols than Jabber. A Web site could decide to host their 
chat on IRC. Jabber is a good choice, but IRC has other advantages.

Our proposal to connect SamePlace, LLuna and others is to agree on the 
URL mapping process.

> This way you would get redundancy, but I'm not sure how practical it
> is.  The biggest problem with any centralised architecture is that
> it's centralised.  This almost needs a distributed p2p
> rendezvous-style MUC server implementation.

We are trying hard to avoid a centralized architecture. This is one 
reason why we use Jabber. There are millions of Web servers and we want 
millions of chat servers, which host the chat on these web server. And 
there are (well, will be) hundreds of millions of virtual presence 
clients conneted to millions of Jabber servers. Everything should be 
distributed in such a large system.

Not that it is impossible to host millions of clients with a centralized 
architecture. AOL and MSN demonstrated that it works very well with lots 
of IM clients. But we WANT it to be distributed so that no single 
company controls the system.

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