[jdev] SamePlace 0.2.9+0.3.0prealpha

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Mon Mar 27 11:31:34 CST 2006

Norman Rasmussen schrieb:
> only if all the clients use the same logic. (lluna, SamePlace, and newcomers)


Currently LLuna has asimilar as Sameplace. Only that it works with rules 
which the client applies instead of an HTTP query. LLuna tries to get 
the rules from the Web server. I think the rules are a bit more flexible.

But if the Web server supplies no rules, then LLuna fetches them from a 
central repository, which is - in practice - not much different from 
what Sameplace does.

In the end, we should probably get rid of the HTTP requests for mapping 
rules and put them into the DNS.

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