[jdev] IM Implementation in application

Sascha sascha_sauren at arcor.de
Tue Mar 28 07:28:07 CST 2006

well one point open source and jabber is the point that its open for all 
like the name says
++ many minds work togehter to make this product as well ass possible
-- a few niinds that sees a bug that them can use (maybe by an exploit) 
b4 someone fixes it
++ but again many minds working on it to do fix it

compare the windows(not open source) buglist and securityfiixes with 
those from linux(open source)
ok u could also compare the anount of users that uses windows and the 
amount of linux users...

anyway the coice of the weapon is ur´s, choose those that can deliver 
what u need, in ur case jabber would be more than enough.

u could also choose from a wide range of other open source socket 
servers even a push pull (POST-GET) with php would be possible
which than has the PLUS that u dont need expensive webspace and it 
mustend be slower than a socket connection but a MINUS for support and 
bugfixing by others!

but ask urself some questions..
what do u have..
so what possible options has the programming language u are working in 
(u dident tell which it is)
what do u need...
u said a messenger... well ich have msn installed-> i can webconference 
-> i can do internetphone ->i can xchange files......
u said a chat wiht custom rooms... well beneath the options from what i 
said about a messenger... here the most important Q is ->what do u think 
about the usermanagment who wil have which rights to do what where and 
when und which conditions.. (implemented serverside if u do so with an 
simple but effective php u have to programm that all alone or ectract 
that from somewhere else.what can be good or bad.. good no one know it , 
bad someone will find a security bug)

iam flash/openlaszlo/AJAX developer... so more working on the web-based 
client side (in my less freetime) and can say that fo my programming 
languages the XML structure of XMPP is wounderfull to handle

Ok i must say iam an xPath fan.. so i love XML 4 its nativity
but (and that belongs my programming languages) i wouldent have an 
option to implement videoconferencing/inetphone for my needs without 
client sided application installing and that with any kind of 
protocoll... or i must use the flash communication server
if u are using C++ Delphi Kylix Java .... u could also implement those 

US-Gpverment is using and trusting Jabber also as many other Big 
Companys do...
XMPP is easy to use and has a good mailinglist(JDEV)
for flash(macromedia) there are many other socket server i would ever 
choose Jabber but if videoconferencing is needed i must wheter use the 
FCS (very expensive) or switch my programming lang.

btw i love to develop but as far i see no reason about:
easyier way of usage and handling to the customer and my workflow
or rebuild commercial software as open source
... i see no need for REcreating the wheel.

Franjo Stipanovic schrieb:

> Hello,
> I wish to implement IM feature in my application.
> It would have following features:
> - private messages
> - chat rooms (also the ability for user to create chat room)
> Please, tell me, what do you guys (& girls?) think it's the best do to 
> and I'm I wrong?
> - better not to re-invent things and use existing open-source protocol
> - use jabber protocol and (jabber) server application as a server
> - look at (jabber) client application and implement mentioned features 
> in my application
> Doesn't sound like much work, does it?
> Thank you!
> With respect,
> Franjo Stipanovic

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