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On Mon, 27 Mar 2006, Robert B Quattlebaum, Jr. wrote:

> Perhaps, but it needs to be clarified that such a limit must be
> in a very specific way. Current implementations of "max stanza size"
> likely not prevent this attack from being successful because it is
> after the stanza is parsed. This attack is targeted at the streaming
> parser.
> Such a limiting mechanism should be implemented at the transport
level, not 
> at the session or presentation layers as currently implemented in most
> servers.


Another measure that should be added to such a JEP is a maximum time
for any stanza to be received.  This would provide against attacks which

consist of a slow stream of '<iq>baa(sleep)baa(sleep)black(sleep)sheep' 
etc, and distributed versions of this (many connections doing this,
up both TCP handles and depending on how the parser is implemented, 
eventually having an interesting memory allocation pattern.)

   Bruce Campbell

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