[jdev] Re: XMPP Ping method?

Jesus Cea jcea at argo.es
Thu Nov 2 17:30:54 CST 2006

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Magnus Henoch wrote:
> I'm in no way an expert in network programming, so what I'm about to
> write might qualify as disinformation; please write corrections or
> completions.

How do you access to that info from python/java/erlang/god knows?.

The world is bigger than linux, also :-(.

> So it would be nice if sending a piece of data returned the sequence
> number of the last byte sent.  Then you could just compare it to the
> sequence number of the last byte ACKed, and then you immediately know
> if the stanza was received.

Remember that system ack is not application ack. The machine could crash
before processing that instance, for example.

I think we are mixing two issues:

- - To detect if a idle connection is "alive". You approach would work,
but OS/language portability would be an issue.

- - To know if a server has received and processed an stanza. The only
reliable way to do that is application ACKs.

> Thus, we should try to convince makers of socket APIs to include
> functions to do just that.  Or did I miss anything?

Good luck! :-).

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