[jdev] Announcement of SNIMMER aplication

Alexey Nezhdanov snake at penza-gsm.ru
Wed Nov 8 23:05:36 CST 2006

Status update.
If anybody interested - we released GPL version of SNIMMER:

This is the first public version of SNIMMER. You can download it here: 

S.N.I.M.M.R. stands for Single Network Instant Messaging Mediation and Relay. 
SNIMMER can talk to any IM network and can relay instant messages from one IM 
network to another. Currently one cannot use AOL messenger to chat with users 
on MSN, Yahoo! or GTalk and vice versa. SNIMMER overcomes instant messenger 

SNIMMER has been designed primarily to help webmasters to chat with web 
visitors on any IM network using any instant messenger.

This product is ready to be used. Just install it and you can start chatting 
with your web visitors.

This package comes with two parts:

   1. a relay component that routes messages between IM networks
   2. a chat initiation web interface

Features include:

    * works on linux and windows (should work on Mac with a few changes)
    * supports multiple simultaneous IM sessions
    * allows blocking of IP addresses
    * free open source (GPLv2+) software
    * works with IM networks for which there are existing XMPP transports 
(currently tested with: Jabber/XMPP, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN)
    * web visitor screening (interview)
    * pre-set (canned) responses
    * auto-termination of idle sessions on timeout
    * typing notifications support

If you decide to patch this product, you are encouraged to do so. Most likely 
you may want to customize the chat initiation web interface to fit your own 
website. Read more about this in INSTALL file. If you decide to make changes 
to the relay component, you will need to have python skills to do so.

If you would like to see a real life performance of SNIMMER go to 
www.snimmer.com, enter the username for your AOL contact (or any other IM 
network) and your Yahoo! contact (or any other mutually non-interoperable IM 
network) and click "Connect".

If you wish to try the hosted version of SNIMMER IM for webmasters you can 
register your website or blog here: www.snimmer.com/register.html

To throw in several links:
http://www.snimmer.com/ - the main site that hosts snimmer
http://www.snimmer.com/snimmer/README.html - this announcement (with links)
http://www.snimmer.com/snimmer/INSTALL - installation instructions

Alexey Nezhdanov

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