[jdev] Gateways.. (snimmer, ircgate)

Carlo v. Loesch CvL at mail.symlynX.com
Thu Nov 9 03:03:00 CST 2006

Alexey Nezhdanov typeth:
| This is the first public version of SNIMMER. You can download it here: 
| http://www.snimmer.com/snimmer/snimmer-1.0.tar.gz

Hey cool hehe nice.. We tried that too, we had a generic gateway robot
code for both irc networks and proprietary messaging systems.. we still
use it on ircnets (although we are migrating to full peering now :))
but for IM networks the account we were testing with got blocked by ICQ
so we stopped its development presuming we weren't welcome providing a
generic gateway from icq to psyc/jabber.. i notice our solution had the
ability to map as many dialogues in parallel as necessary, how come
yours can only handle one?

the documentation is at http://www.psyc.eu/gatebot - yeah we did not
provide a web interface for this, with our technology you would talk
to the icq gateway number and say "talk xmpp:stpeter at jabber.org" or
from psyc you would just start talking to aim:arbitraryScreenName
without needing to have an aim account for yourself. obviously you can
go through two gatebots in a row, by sending "talk icq:####" to the
gatebot on msn, etc. if icq lets you do this, maybe we should give it
another try, too.   :)

i was thinking of supporting presence and some other things across these
gateways too. in the case of the ircgate, it even relays the negotiation
of file transfers (ctcp dcc).

p.s. update on the ircnet peering gateway: brasnet is experimentally
running this now, and so far it is working. you can reach any registered
user by psyc://psyc.brasnet.org/~user or xmpp:user at psyc.brasnet.org -
they plan to replace their traditional jabberd on brasnet.org with this.
in our experimental labs we have already had some psyc/jabber users
JOIN an ircnet channel.

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