[jdev] An old pseudo standard, but is it still good?

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Wed Nov 15 10:09:40 CST 2006

Le mercredi 15 novembre 2006 03:01, Daniel Henninger a écrit :
> Today I was having a discussion with another developer about one of
> the 'standards' that's been in place for a little while and it got me
> waffling back and forth as to whether it's a "good" standard or not.
> I'll get right to the point:
> MSN username: fakeuser at ninja.com
> Jabber MSN translated JID: fakeuser%ninja.com at msn.jabber.fake.org
> So where did this use of % come from?  It seems to work out well, and
> has been used in many places, but I don't see it in any XEPs or
> anything like that (nothing formal). 

This is an implementation detail. Every gateway is free to translate the name 
as it want.

If you want to know the jid of a contact based on the legacy address, you 
should use the jabber:iq:gateway protocol as explained there:

Anyway, I don't know how to do the opposite (eg: get the addresse from the 

Olivier (aka Gof)

PS: i know this doesn't reply to the question : "where do the % come from"
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