[jdev] problem with subscription message expiring

Tobias Thierer lists-2006 at tobias-thierer.de
Sun Oct 1 22:44:40 CDT 2006


I'm writing a jabber-based software, using Smack, and experienced the
following problem:

 1.) User A puts user B on his roster (i.e. requires subscription
     to user B's presence).

 2.) several days pass

 3.) User B signs online. He doesn't receive the subscription request. (*)
     User B then puts A on his roster (subscribes to A's presence).

 4.) A accepts B's request, so A now appears online on B's roster.

 5.) B never appears on A's roster because the subscription never
     came through.

(*) is the main problem.

I assume that the message got dropped by the server (wildfire) after it
wasn't able to deliver it after several days. Could that be true?

If, for this or some other reason, the subscription packet gets lost, then
is there a standard way of handling this? I.e. allowing the user to manually
trigger another subscription request? Or the client sending the subscription
packet again?

Thanks in advance,


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