[jdev] Browser based telephonie

Bernhard Zwischenbrugger bz at datenkueche.com
Tue Oct 3 06:37:06 CDT 2006

Hi all

I try to make a browser based jinge phone.

To send/receive xmpp messages using a browser is not a big problem.
I did a prototype that calls my mobile phone with a mouseclick in the

The Implementation uses javascript (ajax) in html.

Speaking of course is not possible. 

The first Problem is, that I can't open a connection to the internet
that allows to transport realtime audio (using ajax).
The second Problem is that the microphone is not accessible (using

The Idea:

I want to open an audio channel using flash or a java-applet.
All the logic thing is in javascript. The helper application (flash or
java) will get all parameter to open the audio connection (url, port,
type, bitrate,...)

The question:

Is it possible to make a connection from the microphone of one computer
to the speaker of an other computer using
o java applet
o flash
o mozilla plugin

Where to start? Is there a ready to use implementation?

What server should I use for audio proxying?



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