[jdev] Correct way to remove a nickname form a roster item

Jean-Louis Seguineau jean-louis.seguineau at laposte.net
Thu Oct 5 13:07:11 CDT 2006


RFC 3921, section 7 says "Each <item/> element MAY contain a 'name'
attribute, which sets the "nickname" to be associated with the JID, as
determined by the user (not the contact).  The value of the 'name' attribute
is opaque."

I would be tempted to interpret this as "the nickname is set by the 'name'
attribute when present". In this case, from a protocol compliance stand
point, your method 2 would be the right stanza.

In practice, the result will unfortunately be implementation dependent...


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Hi, I'm wondering what is the correct way to remove a nickname from a
roster item?

Method 1:
<iq type='set' id='lalala123'><query xmlns='jabber:iq:roster'><item
jid='whoever at example.com'><group>Buddies</group></item></query></iq>

Method 2:
<iq type='set' id='lalala124'><query xmlns='jabber:iq:roster'><item
jid='whoever at example.com'

Or perhaps something else?  Thanks!

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