[jdev] HTTP connection manager

Menno Bieringa mbieringa at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 04:32:26 CDT 2006

Hi everyone,

I'm on a mission to create a mobile chat client (amongst others) and I'm
currently in the stage of deciding how to manage the connection between the
webservers and de XMPP server. So there's an XMPP server, some webservers
and some wap-clients.
Since there has to be a statefull, persistent connection to the XMPP server
while the webserver is stateless, I'll be needing some sort of connection
manager between the webserver and the XMPP server.

Am I correct? Or are there other alternatives?

I've heard about the jhb connection manager, but it's not JEP-0124
compliant. Also fconmgr should be doing a similar job, using the fastCGI
module for Apache, but I can imagine that the latter might have some serious
performance issues. Besides the fact that neither me nor my system
administrator could get it installed.

Does anyone have advice, a different view, or other usefull information for

Thanks a lot in advance.

Menno Bieringa
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