[jdev] Re: GEOLOC XEP

Remko Troncon remko at el-tramo.be
Mon Oct 16 15:10:51 CDT 2006

> Where do you see this? I got my example from Example 66 in XEP-0060.

Well, I was assuming you would use PEP for Geolocation, and the  
general approach to that is described in the XEP-163: every user has  
its own pubsub service, and the nodes of that service are the domains  
of the payloads. So, getting the geoloc information of a certain  
contact means you send it to the pubsub service belonging to the user  
(addressed by its jid) to the geoloc node. Example 1 of XEP-80  
(geoloc) shows the publishing part addressing the pubsub service by  
the JID (in the 'to'). If you want an example of a 'get' in the PEP  
context, see Example 9 of XEP-84 (user avatar), where the avatar data  
needs to be retrieved 'manually'.

If you are using the normal pubsub scheme, then of course you have to  
direct it to your pubsub service, like you did in your example.


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