[jdev] checking MY presence

WL Gardner wgardner at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 18 21:06:02 CDT 2006


I am brand new to this list and jabber., so I appreciate your patience in

I have a Jabber based app that I wrote (using XIFF - a code library for
Flash). The problem is that I sometimes get disconnected. My app thinks it
is connected, but the server software I am using does not show the user I am
connected as is connected. I am using "Wildfire" for my server (related
product to XIFF - jivesoftware.org). The Wildfire server has a web admin
page called "client sessions" and says 69 active client sessions. However,
it only lists 29 users that are connected, so something funky is going on.

My app says it is active, but it's username is NOT one of the username's
listed. So, here is my question. How can I check MY OWN presence status of
my username with the server? Maybe a better question is how do you guys
write your apps so that you know for sure you are connected? Are you all
receiving some ping or heartbeat periodically from the server?

I should not need to "subscribe" to myself in order to "probe" or get my
presence, right? 

I want to do the opposite of this:

<presence from="will at jabber.org" to="will@ jabber.org ">

I want to get my status instead of setting it.

Note - I did try to use gmane to search, but that's a little cumbersome
(doesn't show in threads). JSF has threads but no searching capabilities.
Also, don't know exactly what keywords to search for.

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