[jdev] Bulk Request to add in jabber

Maciek Niedzielski machekku at uaznia.net
Sun Oct 22 03:19:33 CDT 2006

Panchal, Pankaj wrote:
> Hello.
>     Could you please let me know IF I have a huge list of jabber IDs and  wish to add all quickly , what can be done instead of sending a separate request to each user?
> I tried to do so , using jabber roster utility:
>         https://beta.unclassified.de/projekte/jru-php/jru.php
> But was not successful as my request is for intranet jabber JCS v2.7.11.1.

If you mean that your jabber server is not visible from the online tool
mentioned above, you can go to
http://beta.unclassified.de/projekte/jru-php/ and download the script,
and then run inside your intranet.

I also remember seeing a java version of JRU some time ago. I think it
was called JJRU.

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